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Staff Orbit

Improve communication and connectivity within your staff community with the help of user-friendly tools, making their lives easier and enhancing the overall efficiency of school operations.


Access to TASS from anywhere in the galaxy.

TASS Orbit offers fully integrated and supported mobile apps, leveraging the functionality of the TASS Portal products, keeping your school's community engaged and connected with easy access to important information, notifications and the ability to complete tasks on the go.

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Built by TASS
Leverage your existing setups and chosen modules, integrating seamlessly with your school's ecosystem.

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Security Focused
Orbit supports the same secure authentication methods as TASS to ensure complex family situations are covered, and important staff information is secure.

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Accessible on the Go
Orbit makes the Staff Portal available on the go, helping staff access and update the information they need, whenever they need it.

Special Interest Group

Developed in Collaboration With Schools

The Staff Orbit app has been developed alongside members of our Special Interest Group (SIG), where schools participated in design workshops, working alongside us to prioritise and develop features.

SIG members have helped us shape the app's look, feel, and functionality, from initial design to prototypes, and will be continuing their feedback through to the final product launch.

Thank you to all of the SIG member schools who have helped us develop an app that schools will love!

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Staff Orbit in Motion

Take a look at some of the exciting features now available in Staff Orbit!



Your Students

Student Quick Search

Staff members have at their disposal a powerful tool to effortlessly and swiftly access Student Profiles, utilising a user-friendly search system that intuitively guides them to the desired information. Recent searches with student photos are also available for quick access.

Student Profiles

The Student Profile provides staff with a holistic perspective, presenting vital details and functionalities such as Notes, Medical Details, Current Status, Alerts, eDiaries, Parent Contact Details, and more.

Pastoral Care & Notes

Users have the ability to monitor student well-being within their profile, view a comprehensive history of Pastoral Care entries (subject to staff permission), and effortlessly create new entries as needed (e.g. Positive Team Work or Uniform Infringements). Gain a quick overview of all student notes from various sources such as Parent Teacher Interviews, Appointments, Conversation Notes, Medical records, and more.

Your Staff App

Customisation Options

Schools have the ability to personalise their experience by uploading their logo and choosing a complementary accent and notification colour. This guarantees that the app reflects their unique branding, creating a seamless and cohesive experience for staff members, whether they are using a desktop or mobile device.

Staff Details

Staff members will have quick and easy access to their own information as well as the details of their colleagues, making it effortless for them to connect and communicate whenever necessary.

Staff Timetables

Teachers will have a handy snapshot of their schedule for the day, as well as a comprehensive overview of their timetables for any chosen day. This grants teachers a convenient on-the-move solution to effortlessly keep track of their whereabouts throughout the day.

Roll Call & Substitutes

Staff members will have the capability to take attendance for themselves and as substitute teachers. This feature will showcase schedules and important student information, including any conflicts or past absences. The roll call can be viewed in a quick summary or in a comprehensive, detailed format.






Events & Payments

Staff members will have the convenience of accessing the app to stay updated on both upcoming and past events. They will have a comprehensive view of all event details, including the list of invited and accepted attendees, as well as the options chosen by each student.

Push Notifications

Stay informed with the ability to receive, view, and acknowledge staff notifications, while also having access to their complete history. This encompasses automated Pastoral Care notifications as well as notifications sent to staff from the 'Meetings and Communications' program within the Staff Portal.


Staff members will have the power to create and send notifications to their roll call class, events, and extra curricular groups. Additionally, they will have the ability to view notifications that have been sent to parents and students through the Staff Portal.

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