Alpha Micro Computers, a computer hardware company, was founded and began selling to educational institutions with a focus on finance management.


Alpha Business Systems (known today as TASS) was established in Brisbane with 15 employees. The primary focus was selling Alpha Computers and finance systems used in commercial finance management, including private and independent schools.


The original Alpha School System (TASS) product was developed by a programmer at Brisbane Boys’ College on an Alpha Micro Computer.  


Alpha Business Systems acquired the IP rights to the initial TASS software and continued developing the foundation of the product you see today.


TASS was awarded a cornerstone contract of 24 Anglican Schools in Queensland, securing TASS as a major vendor within the Australian School Administration space.


Alpha Business Systems renamed to The Alpha School System (TASS) to represent our focus and dedication to the education sector.


TASS became the first School Management System platform in Australia to successfully transition to the web.


TASS was acquired by Volaris Group (a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc.), and became part of an Education vertical that supports over 12,000 schools across the globe.


The Certified RESTful API Partnership Program was adopted, allowing users to add further products to their IT ecosystems.


TASS launched its Cloud Hosting Services, providing schools with the server infrastructure and management needed to run TASS. TASS also moved to a new office in Hendra, Brisbane, to make room for their expanding team.


Today, TASS supports hundreds of schools across Australia and the world, with a growing team of education and software professionals.