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TASS Leadership Team




Your school is our focus.

Meet the leadership team at TASS! We are a group of dedicated and passionate professionals who are focused on creating clever solutions that improve every aspect of your school. We believe in keeping up with the rapidly developing technology available to the education industry and we love seeing how our schools embrace and succeed using their software systems.

  • Leadership Team
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher CEO
Annie Robins
Annie Robins Head of Product - Mobile Apps
Nikki Curtis
Nikki Curtis Customer Care Manager
Paul Tunn
Paul Tunn Sales & Marketing Manager
Brad Fleming
Brad Fleming Software Development Manager
Corina Manton
Corina Manton Accounts & HR Manager
Tammy Sloman
Tammy Sloman Professional Services Manager
Brandon Leake
Brandon Leake Technical Services Manager
Deb Ferdinands
Deb Ferdinands TrackOne Studio Team Leader

Is Your School Management System Getting in the way?

Do you battle with clunky systems that waste your time, and data silos creating frustration and inefficiency?
These kinds of daily challenges hinder your ability to focus on what matters most.

Upgrade to an all-in-one system designed to work with you to streamline processes, connect your school community, and give you and your staff the freedom to focus on providing the best educational outcomes for students.

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