Schools using their data the way they want to use it.

Whilst TASS has a broad and comprehensive product offering, we understand that every school is unique, and sometimes may need to engage with other educational technology providers. To support this, the API Program was established to help schools use their data, the way they want to use it.

Using APIs, schools can connect a multitude of different systems to their central point of truth, taking the guesswork out of syncing and automating solutions alongside TASS.

Schools can elect to use a tried and tested solution through one of our Certified Integration Partners, or develop their own integration against the APIs publicly available on GitHub.

So what are the options?

Customers can choose to develop their own API integration, deploy an API integration developed by a third-party vendor or deploy a tested and supported API integration from one of our certified integration partners.

To protect your school’s data and TASS performance, always check to make sure that any integration is using APIs end-to-end.

Public APIs

In our endeavour to be a ‘solutions focused’ organisation and provide customers with greater control over their internal systems, the documentation for all TASS APIs are available publicly on GitHub.

The transparency that this platform provides means that customers can determine internally what they hope to achieve with their data and how they wish to use, share and represent it.

Development against the TASS APIs is very much a self-service approach, with all guidance and requests for assistance being provided through the GitHub community only. Customers will also require a license for each API used to enable the connection with their TASS system and allow the data to flow.  

View TASS APIs on GitHub.

Certified Integrations

Certified integrations have been developed collaboratively between TASS and like-minded software providers within the education space, to deliver seamless online experiences to our mutual customers.

Certification is achieved through extensive ‘scenario based’ testing to ensure that:

  • the TASS API is sending the information required by the third-party system
  • the third-party system receiving the data is consuming it correctly
  • any data passed back to TASS adheres to TASS logic and structures.

Certified integrations are fully supported by TASS and the Customer Care team, and are only available through approved TASS Integration Partners.

These ‘off the shelf’ integrations are best for schools who want a ready to use, tried and tested approach to handling their data exchanges.

Meet our Certified Partners.

Want to become a Certified Integration Partner?

TASS welcomes the development of integrations that improve the experience and value for customers. Should a software provider wish to become a certified integration partner, we invite them to learn more about the process and express their interest using the link below!

Become a Certified Partner.