Part of the TASS family of products, TrackOne Studio makes complex data simple to understand by consolidating information from across your school and presenting real-time, user-friendly analytics for staff, students, and parents.

Providing a holistic view of your school's activities, from individual student profiles to school-wide performance, wellbeing, and extracurricular insights, the Learning Analytics Suite supports data-driven decision making and helps inform pedagogical change.

Absence AnalysisAssessment Results & AnalyticsAcademic Mentoring
At-Risk Student IdentificationClass, Cohort & Year-Level AnalyticsBehaviour Analysis
Extra-Curricular ActivitiesExternal Assessment reports & ComparisonsGrowth Tools
HeatmappingHistoric Performance & GPA Over TimeIncident & Outcome Analysis
Result DistributionPastoral Reports & ResultsStudent Awards
Student ActivitiesScheduled Tasks & AlertsStudent Engagement
Student Goals & WellbeingStudent Reports & Summary DashboardStudent Profiles & Notes

The Learning Analytics Suite

Unlock your data
Free the data already captured by your school's systems, and convert it into actionable insights for staff, students, and parents.
All the answers in one place
Gather information from a wide range of School and Learning Management Systems into one location for results, analytics, and reports.
10 years in the industry
Built for schools by education professionals, who understand the time pressures of today's teachers and set out to take the burden of data analysis off of their shoulders.

For Teachers

Reduce barriers to bringing data into the classroom, with automatic analysis of academic performance, external assessments, and student behaviour. With continuous assessment tools to track student growth, the Learning Analytics Suite can help teachers identify students in need of support, and differentiate individual student learning.

For Students

Encourage students to become self-regulated learners, with structured educational data and personalised dashboards. The Learning Analytics Suite helps students collaborate with mentors to set goals and track their own performance trends, utilising analytics that provide a deeper understanding of their educational needs.

For Schools

Access summary-level data that gives insight into school-wide trends and performance, helping to inform decision-making at all levels. Analysis is available on individual subjects, departments, year levels and more, allowing schools to easily monitor things like curriculum changes or new initiatives in real-time.

For Parents

Keep your parent community informed on, and engaged with, their student's learning with a dedicated portal to access relevant student data. The Learning Analytics Suite ensures parents and teachers stay on the same page regarding academic performance and growth, without having to wait for parent-teacher interviews.

Academic Trends
Identify at risk students and automatically notify relevant staff using trend analysis and configurable rules across academic, attendance and welfare related data.
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External Results
Triangulate your internal and external assessment data for real-time access to aggregated analytics, including NAPLAN, ICAS and ACER.
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Data Analysis
Dive into an individual student profile or investigate the academic performance of your entire school, with dashboards that cover class placemats, longitudinal analysis and more.
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Student Wellbeing
Monitor pastoral care data and attendance trends alongside wellbeing ’pulse’ surveys that give students the opportunity to self-report how they're feeling on a regular basis.
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Academic Mentoring
Give students access to relevant analytical data about their progress, plus tools to reflect upon past academic performance, and set goals and learning strategies for the year ahead.
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Extra Curricular
Record, track, and evaluate skills that are acquired through extracurricular activities, such as creativity, teamwork, and leadership.
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At Emmanuel College, we are intentional about using data-informed decision making to ‘make better decisions, faster’ from the classroom through to the board level. The TrackOne Learning Analytics Suite is an essential tool in pursuit of these goals. Our teachers now have information at their fingertips which allows them to quickly and easily identify students that need extra support, those that need extension, and to gain valuable feedback which continuously informs their teaching practice.