TASS for Students

We recognise how much the modern school environment is shifting, so we’ve designed tools to help your students succeed in an increasingly digital world.

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A platform to manage busy school lives.

The way in which students manage their time and their tasks is changing. 

Student Cafe provides your school with an area in which students can manage their information, time and education online.

Digital Assessment Workflows.

Students have easy access to all their assessment information through Student Cafe.

Make assessments seamless for your students, with simple assessment workflows, digital submission facilities and access to results and comments.

Students can also view teacher feedback on submitted draft or complete work via the Student Cafe portal, to help them achieve their maximum potential.

A busy school life extends way beyond the classroom.

Help students thrive in time management with dynamic eDiaries.

Organisation can be challenging in today's busy world!

Student Cafe provides your school’s students with a comprehensive online diary for them to manage their time, deadlines and commitments in one central place.

Software that grows with your students.

Create a one-stop-shop for information

A continuously expanding academic, attendance and extra-curricular profile creates a meaningful story of your student’s school journey. 

As students develop new skills and progress through the year levels, new functionality can be gradually rolled out and year level specific links and resources can be distributed.