TASS for Staff

Help your staff make a real impact in the school lives of your students.

Education professionals are dedicated to student outcomes, so we’re dedicated to making that as simple and seamless as possible for them.

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Budgets & RequisitionsMeetings & CommunicationsResource Booking System
Calendar & eDiaries Online Address Updates Resource Booking System
Class & Custom Rollcall Online Leave Applications School Links
Communication Logging Online TimesheetsSMS & Notifications
Extra Curricular Parent Teacher InterviewsSports Fixtures & Results
Learning Management Pastoral Care Student Profiles
Learning Support (NCCD)Payroll and Employee DetailsTeacher Substitutions
Leave Entitlements & ProjectionsPayslips and Superannuation Tours & Excursions
Listings & Saved Templates

Create a space where teachers can record and manage communications.

Communication is key to the relationship between school staff and students. 

Staff Kiosk allows staff to log in and review student communications sent via emails, alerts and SMS - providing security and transparency across all channels.

A holistic student view

See the student's full story.

At TASS, we understand that every student is different - Staff Kiosk was designed to provide staff across the school with insight into all aspects of a student’s progress. 

Pastoral Care information, academic achievements, and report writing tools help staff see the bigger picture while Alert & Notification facilities ensure that important information is front and centre.

Drive student outcomes in the right direction

Easily identify trends in student performance.

Track, monitor and analyse student performance to identify trends and areas where students need encouragement or assistance. 

An integrated continuous assessment and LMS solution makes reporting time a breeze, with electronic markbooks seamlessly translating student results across to reports.

Tools for School Staff

Help your staff excel in all areas of their job.

Staff Kiosk is about more than what happens in the classroom, because education is about more than just what happens in the classroom.

Staff Kiosk offers Online Leave & Substitution facilities, budgeting, resource booking, meeting and communication tools as well as dynamic eDiaries for managing busy schedules - all on a mobile friendly platform.