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Take the unknown out of communication

Good communication from the school is the number one way to engage your community; people don’t want to feel like a number in a database. The TASS Administration System personalises communication using database keywords and tokens – ensuring everyone in your community feels involved and increasing their trust and loyalty to your school.   

Emails can be created using a range of automated templates and can be logged and tracked, allowing you to keep a thorough record of all communications.

Catering for the modern family

Communicating to the right people is just as (if not more) important than the quality of communication itself. In complex or split family situations, ensuring the correct parent/ guardian is contacted can be an underlying stress for staff. The TASS Communication Rules functionality provides an accurate picture of family units with the ability to visually map out complex family trees. 

Schools can also customise people's preferred genders, and set pronouns (he, she, they etc.) for areas that use keyword substitutions such as email communication and academic reporting; allowing schools to cater for their gender diverse community. 

Simplify branding and enrolments

Creating a seamless brand experience for everyone in your community creates a cohesive, professional, corporate image. The TASS Staff, Student and Parent Portals have customisable branding options, allowing them to appear as a natural extension of your school’s website.

Meanwhile, enrolment teams can thrive with enrolment data and analytics. Heat mapping and address validation allows you to track where enrolments are funneling from, identify which areas to target and what strategies are working, while enrolment projection tools enable staff to forecast student numbers years into the future. 

Top-notch government compliance

Compliance, risk mitigation and ensuring that policy is followed are major aspects of any administrator's role. The perseverance required to stay up to date with the latest changes, requirements, and best practices to ensure that the school’s data is aligned with government obligations, is enough to wear anyone down.

With TASS, you can correctly format and export the required data, saving staff time and making government returns a breeze.