TASS for Administrators

TASS.web was designed with your school’s administration needs in mind. 

Your school’s administrators are offered an integrated solution that manages every aspect of your school’s most important data.

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EnrolmentsAttendanceGeneral LedgerEmployee/HR
Student RecordsTimetableParent AccountsPayroll
Parent RecordsMedical RecordsAccounts PayableQualifications
Teacher RecordsExtra CurricularPurchasingProfessional Development
Past StudentsBoardingFixed Assets
Academic ReportingBook HireCommercial Debtors
Parent Teacher InterviewsEquipment HireSchool Shop
Leave & SubstitutionsCommunityFundraising


Let TASS become the backbone of your school’s operations. 

An incredible amount of information is funneled in and out of your school, every day.

TASS.web becomes your central point of truth for all data, and provides a broad range of functionality - all in the one product!

Streamlined Student Administration

Keeping track of your student data, made easy.

Gathering, entering and managing the large amount of data your school requires can be a challenge. 

TASS offers tools for tracking student lifecycles, processing Government returns, attendance tracking, medical details, and timetable management - all in one central location.


Manage key aspects of your school’s finances with TASS.

Covering every key aspect of your financial records, requirements and submissions, TASS finances have been built to cater specifically to school requirements. 

By combining an accounting package with school management, your school’s business office can leverage student data within a single system.


Your school’s payroll can be managed in the same system.

There’s no need for additional accounting software, with your TASS solution. 

With the flexibility of a web-based interface and a logical workflow, TASS.web makes Payroll easy, offering electronic delivery of payslips and payment summaries to the staff portal.