What can TASS do for your school?

With over 30 years’ experience providing powerful School Management and Portal solutions, TASS makes school processes easier by creating connections between every part of a school’s community, through a single web-based platform; supporting the business office, teachers, parents and students.


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What Our Customers Say

Our partnership with TASS has been a huge catalyst for digital innovation within our school. Their willingness to work with us and provide support as we transition from largely paper-based workflows has been amazing. The team are experienced and well versed with school practices and processes, which has enabled us to get up and running with their products quickly and seamlessly. We have seen the TASS offerings grow exponentially in the last few years. Their focus on providing a system that consolidates the tools a school needs, ensures we have a solid foundation to work from.
TASS has helped us make better use of our time. Consolidating our systems from 5 to 1 has meant less time is wasted manipulating data and moving it between software systems. Data is also more reliable, as it is entered and maintained in one place.
TASS makes it easy for our users to find and use their own information. Teachers and staff find the software very intuitive and our parents have been welcoming of Parent Lounge as our online portal, with most of their interactions with the school now occurring online in their own time frames.
It has also reduced our staff training requirements as staff become more comfortable working in one environment for all of their day-to-day duties.
TASS is an integral part of the College’s operations. TASS functionality allows for the removal of several other products and provides a single location for our staff, students and parents to easily locate information quickly and efficiently. TASS’ back-end integration enhances the overall solution by easily connecting with other products and parts of the College