TASS.web is a browser based administration and portal software system for K-12 schools.

The package is developed and supported by 'the alpha school system PTY LTD' based in Brisbane, Australia.

TASS.web provides schools with a fully integrated Student, Financial and Payroll/HRM administration system, developed using the latest web based technologies.
Schools can choose to operate the software on their own server infrastructure or access the software in a ‘Cloud’ environment.

The software is currently installed in over 200 schools throughout Australia and overseas.



K - 12

TASS.web specifically addresses the Kindergarten to Year 12 school market.

TASS.web runs just as well in a small primary school as it does in a large multi-campus school with several thousand students.


There are 4 overall areas that make up the TASS.web Solution

  • Student Administration
  • Financial Administration
  • Payroll / HRM
  • Information Portal range of online products

Student Administration

Developed using the latest browser based technologies this area includes the following modules:

Financial Administration

The web based financial modules include:

Payroll / HRM

The web based Payroll HRM modules include:

Information Portal

The Information Portal range of products enables the online connection of all members of the school community.

Teachers have access to a comprehensive online portal that provides a full array of student, subject, timetable and other school information.

Parents can monitor the progress of their children, see what is going on at the school, update their details and even pay their account online.

The TASS.web Information Portals include:


Software installation cannot reach its maximum effective potential without training and support.

TASS offers a complete range of support services to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of TASS.web.

These include:

  • Initial data upload
  • Classroom training
  • Onsite training and consulting
  • ‘Webinar’ based training
  • Regular free ‘Webinar’ based information presentations
  • Help Desk support for users
  • On-line web based help
  • Application support via the Internet


The TASS.web Student, Financial and Payroll/HRM administration modules have been developed to run on: 

  • PCs using Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 (or later) and Google Chrome 43 (or later)
  • Macs using Safari 8 (or later) and Google Chrome 43 (or later)

TASS.web uses the Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 or 2012 database. 

The TASS.web Portals have been developed to run across multiple browsers and popular devices including:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (PC, Android and Windows Tablets)
  • Google Chrome (PC, Mac, iPad and Android Tablets)
  • Mozilla Firefox (PC and Mac)
  • Apple Safari (Mac and iPad)

TASS.web allows the incorporation of industry standard products such as Microsoft Excel and Word as well as Adobe PDF into the integrated solution. 

Using ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) drivers, many standard products become effective easy-to-use report writers and database inquiry tools. This feature empowers the users to extract, organise and manipulate the data for their particular needs. 

TASS.web connects to Active Directory, is Single Sign On enabled and integrates to Exchange and an SMS gateway for enhanced communication with the school community.


The company was founded in November 1988.


  • Craig McAlister B.Bus (Managing Director)
  • Alan Nowland B.Com CPA (Software Design Director)

The company and its employees focus exclusively on the educational market and are not distracted by other markets or providing services such as hardware sales and support.

The company has a long term commitment to evolving the TASS products:

  • to take advantage of emerging technologies that become available through the Internet
  • to meet the requirements and needs of an evolving education market.


Please contact Kate Damant if you would like a demonstration of the most advanced school administration system available.