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New Teacher Kiosk 5 videos in the Jukebox
  • How to setup Academic Analytics
  • Teacher Kiosk Homepage
  • The Student Profile
  • My Saved Lists
  • Creating Homework
  • Adding a Pastoral Care Entry
  • Managing Pastoral Care Outcomes
  • Scheduling Pastoral Care Outcomes into student eDiaries
  • Corresponding with students via Alerts, SMS & Email
  • Student and Parent Alerts
  • Editing Assigned Activities
  • Student Analytics
  • Standardised Testing (eg NAPLAN)
  • Arranging Meetings
  • Communicating with staff
  • Ghosting
Teacher Kiosk 5 - Now Available!
  • New HTML5 Interface
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Minimal click navigation
  • Student and Class Analytics (academic, absences and pastoral care)
  • New single page student profile
  • New Pastoral Care system
  • Bulk communication tools via email, SMS and Alerts
  • My Saved Lists (Create, Save and Re-use).

webBook Yearlong Markbook - Now Available

Results for student Activities can now contribute towards both a semester/term grade and an overall year grade.
For each Activity, a different weighting can be assigned to the semester/term grade and year overall grade.
Forecasting of student results is available for semester/term grade and overall year grade.
Print option is now available to provide the teachers/HODs with a comprehensive view of their entire subject markbook including weightings, assessment objectives, maximum results and actual student results.


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