Solving big challenges for small schools.

Small Schools Solution

We understand that small schools still face big challenges.

The TASS software offers a broad range of centralised solutions to help streamline administration, increase accessibility, and seamlessly connect all areas of the school.

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TASS has partnered with Cole School Experts to offer smaller schools a powerful school management system, designed to overcome those challenges faced - at a small school price. Contact Cole School Experts to discuss implementing a solution for your school!


Data management, made easy.

Gathering, entering and managing the large amount of data your school requires can be a challenge. TASS offers tools for processing Government returns,  attendance tracking, and effective communication.

TASS offers a comprehensive, centralised solution to help streamline your school's administration processes.


Manage key aspects of your school's finance with TASS.

Covering every key aspect of your financial records, requirements and submissions, TASS finances have been built to cater specifically to school requirements.

By combining an accounting package with school management, your school’s business office can leverage student data within a single system.


See the student's full story.

At TASS, we understand that every student is different - Teacher Kiosk is designed to provide teachers with insight into all aspects of a student’s progress.

Pastoral Care information, academic achievements, and report writing tools help teachers see the bigger picture while Alert and Notification facilities ensure that important information is front and centre.


Seamlessly connect all areas of your school.

TASS offers portal solutions for teachers, parents and students. Keep parents informed and engaged with Parent Lounge, and give students the tools they need for their academic journey with Student Cafe.

Ensure your stakeholders have reliable and easy access to all the information and content they require, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.