Empower the teachers at your school with a portal that provides the most up to date student and school information, the tools to complete essential daily tasks and the ability to organise schedules and commitments in a busy, modern day school environment


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 Student Profiling

Get a complete picture of a student's school, academic and home life in one screen.

Scroll through the data or jump to a section of interest with dynamic filters providing quick, simple access to student data.



More than a utility to mark attendance, the Teacher Kiosk 'Rollcall' is an information hub for teachers, providing important information, notifications and insight into a student's school day and whereabouts.


 Communication Logging

All emails, alerts and SMS generated from Teacher Kiosk are recorded in a Communication Log.
The Communication Log allows you to track and monitor the details of communications, including who it has been sent to and whether the communication has been viewed by the recipients.


Quickly identify, track and trend student academic performance using analytic dashboards, box plots and longitudinal analysis.

Compare your students' current and forecasted results with attendance and pastoral care to identify other potential factors affecting student performance.

 Pastoral Care

The pastoral care system in Teacher Kiosk can be used as a points based demerits or logging and tracking system.

Positive, negative and neutral conducts can be recorded with automatic notifications to pastoral care leaders, class teachers and parents.

Outcomes management for the likes of detention is also supported with links to student eDiaires.

 LMS & Continuous Reporting

A true integration of an LMS and School Management System.

LMS and Continuous Reporting functions are simply a part the whole, imbedded seamlessly into all TASS products negating the need for teachers to use multiple systems.

Want to use something else? That's OK, we have APIs with other leading LMS solutions.



 Calendars and Student eDiaires

Teachers can create and customise their own ‘My Calendar’ by including feeds from their Timetable, Sports Fixtures, Parent Teacher Interviews, Tours and Excursions and the School's Calendar.

Teachers can create their own events and keep them private or assign them to static or dynamic groups of students and other staff.

 Manage Parent Teacher Interviews

Manage milestones efficiently using the workflow available for Parent Teacher Interview conferences. 

Teachers can request meetings with specific parents, manage their own schedules and prepare for upcoming appointments by reviewing parent comments entered using Parent Lounge.

 Budgets & Requisitions

Provide on-demand and up to date figures to the budget controllers at your school.

This is an end-to-end ‘workflow’ based system that caters for budget checking and the progression of a requisition to a purchase order and supplier invoice, including multiple approval points in a paperless environment.  


 Lesson Substitutions

A teacher's timetable is automatically updated when a substitute lesson has been allocated, providing them with quick access to rollcall and important class information.

Tasks and Activities can be left by the absent teacher through the portal and in turn, the substituting teacher can provide feedback on the class performance.

 Tours and Excursions

No more paper based permission slips and manual management of student lists!

Once a tour or excursion has been approved in Teacher Kiosk, students can be invited to participate and parents can approve and (optionally) pay online in Parent Lounge.

Student and medical listings can then be produced and the data used for communications and bulk creation of attendance records.

 Alerts & Notifications

Your school can create an automated student alert system for the things you deem important. Alerts will automatically appear when students are in sickbay, when pastoral care incidents occur, when assessment is due plus more.

Generate on the fly custom notifications to students, parents and teachers in their respective portals.



 Save Listings into reusable Templates

Save time and increase accuracy by saving listing runtime options into templates that can be rerun on demand.

Use the data from listings to produce email, alert and SMS correspondence, or as a shortcut tool to view a list of students and access student profiles. 

 Sports Fixtures & Extra -Curricular

Sport teachers and coaches can maintain their Extra Curricular teams and manage the details of upcoming sporting fixtures using Teacher Kiosk.  The Sports Fixtures and Results portal can then be used to disseminate this information to students, parents, staff and the general public.

 School Branding

Customise the appearance of Teacher Kiosk to align with your school's corporate image.




 Professional Development

A Professional Development (PD) request, approval and tracking system is available. A qualifications report can be used to identify staff who have qualifications such as suitability cards and first aid certificates, before they expire.

 Payslips & Payment Summaries

Pay Envelopes and PAYG Payment Summaries can be delivered electronically from the TASS.web Payroll module and accessed on demand by staff in Teacher Kiosk.

  Publish School Documents

Publish newsletters, links, school policy and other important staff documents to your teachers quickly and without needing IT assistance using School Links.