This browser based module allows teachers to enter results and comments for their students utilising the flexibility of the Internet or school Intranet....

Implementing webBook at your school will mean that there will be no further need for disk or file transfer between school and teacher. All of the associated problems with file transfer such as disk failures and virus transmission will disappear.

With webBook, as a teacher enters a result or a comment at home (across the Internet) or at school (using the school Intranet), the database is updated.

webBook also features a curriculum designer for the teachers. Teachers can create their curriculum for each class including homework, tests and assignments. The actual task can be attached as a Word® document, Excel® file or and web based URL.

This means that if the teacher were to take the same subject in a subsequent year, their curriculum design can be loaded from the previous year. 

The full flexibility of the TASS.web Academic Reporting system is reflected in webBook.

School definable outcomes or objectives are supported. School definable result or achievement ranges are also supported within each outcome or objective.

Student results may be entered individually for each student within a class or using the convenient ‘Grid Entry’ mode. 

Comment entry supports totally free form text, an optional selection from a comment bank or a combination of both.

An on-line English dictionary spell checker is also available.

From an editing perspective, webBook stands head and shoulders above any Windows® based product. The people at your school who are responsible for checking and editing the final reports can now do so using their browser.

Tutor group leaders, heads of schools or principals who have to add a final comment for student can also use webBook. The software will display all of the academic performance for each individual student, giving these people the precise information needed to arrive at a final comment.