The Timetable module is the cornerstone to most student record and reporting functions in TASS.web. Students can view their own timetables using the Student Café module and their web browser. Teachers can view their own (and other teacher timetables) using Teacher Kiosk. They can also view and printout individual student’s timetables. Parents can view their own students’ timetables from home using the Parent Lounge module.

Timetables can be generated using a specialist timetable generation package and then  uploaded into TASS.web. Manual entry of a timetable is also supported.

Subsequent maintenance can then be performed in TASS.web with the changes being instantly available to students, teachers and parents through their web based portal products. 

The Timetable Grid Entry program facilitates rapid changes to subject, year group, class, teacher and room data.

TASS.web supports Multiple Timetables for different sections of the school. Each timetable can have its own period start and end times. Vertical or horizontal structures can be catered for within TASS. After school activities can be timetabled as well as duty periods for teachers. 

The Timetable Calendar function allows a timetable to reference an irregular cycle (non- five day) or to cater for public holidays or special events such as sport carnivals.