Teacher Records.web

Use the password generation tool to create random passwords for a specific group or all your teachers, then click on the ‘Email’ icon to have them send out to the respective teachers. This provides a fast and effective way of managing passwords when the school is not using the features available in Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory. All TASS.web products are LDAP compliant.

Administrators can now control what menu items are visible to teachers. Permissions can be set up at a web group level for standard teachers, and then extra options made available for teachers with extra responsibilities. This is useful for granting access to sensitive medical or confidential records to selected staff.

Add or edit teacher’s subjects from within the Teacher Record, while viewing a full history of the subjects they have taught during their time at the school. 

Use a ‘spreadsheet’ style for entry and editing of multiple teacher records using data grids.This provides your school with a great tool to manage your data quickly and simply.

TASS.web allows your school to get rid of all those paper based student files with the document attachment feature. Using the TASSdoc function you can now attach scanned documents to teacher notes. Once the document has been attached even if the original source document is deleted, TASSdoc will preserve a secure copy.

Featuring 25 school definable data areas, this module allows you to customise your teacher record to fit your own requirements. 

This can be a useful tool for holding information such as sporting interests, which can be helpful when approaching teachers to coach a team. 

Produce teacher lists with the ability to select what fields are returned at run time, and then print your listing to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel or Word.