Student Records.web

Using the latest browser based technology TASS . web Student Records will allow your school to easily design, maintain and then deploy your student records to the important people at your school. Featuring 10 school- definable data areas this module allows you to customise your student record to fit your own requirements.

‘ Trigger' fields allow schools to setup database initiated warnings for conditions such as restricted parental access and special conditions. These fields allow schools to nominate a warning action to be displayed whenever a particular student record is accessed where that student has an entry in the appropriate trigger field.

TASS. web operators can set their own dashboards. Every time operators log on, they will be greeted with a graphical representation of the latest data on their favourite dashboard. 

By storing email addresses for parents and students on the TASS database, operators can use the software as a convenient way to initiate an email. This negates the need to have multiple email lists for parents and students on campus. Bulk mail outs can be split between parents who would prefer email correspondence and those who prefer traditional mail correspondence. In conjunction with the TASS Teacher Kiosk module teachers can email a class, year group, house group or PC/Tutor group. AMAS formatted barcoding is available on label generation to save money on mail outs where supported by the POSTman®software. 

TASS. web allows your school to get rid of all those volumous paper based student files with the document attachment feature. Using the TASS doc function you can now attach scanned documents to student notes. Once the document has been attached even if the original source document is deleted, TASS doc will preserve a secure copy. 

Use a ‘spreadsheet' style for entry and editing of multiple student records using data grids. This is the ultimate tool for getting the student's database up to date quickly.