School Shop.web

TASS. web School Shop module provides a point-of-sale solution that caters for student, cash and external sales.

In conjunction with a scanner, docket printer and cash drawer this module will provide your shop with a low cost yet comprehensive point-of-sale facility.

Sales within the school shop can be made to:

  • students (on account) 
  • commercial debtors (when integrated with TASS. web Commercial Debtors module)
  • departments 
  • cash customers

A comprehensive search engine is available to select the students who are to be included in a bulk invoice.

This is a huge time saver where books or equipment need to be billed to classes or sporting teams.

School Shop can be setup to integrate to a designated TASS company and associated General Ledger or can be run without General Ledger integration.

As an example; the school P&F might run the Uniform Shop which has been setup as a separate company in TASS. web .

Student sales can be transferred to the TASS. web Parent Account module. Alternatively the school shop can stand alone, allowing the generation of statements directly to parents. 

The corresponding receipting function allows parent payments against individual shops. A detailed transactional on-screen ledger for each student is available for each shop.

Your school can now track the stock in each school shop with facilities including:

  • stock maintenance 
  • stock receipting 
  • stock adjustment 
  • stock take facility 
  • stock valuation reporting