Purchasing & Payable Cycles.web

The TASS.web Purchasing and Accounts Payable modules will allow your school to choose where the purchasing/payables cycle begins. 

Teachers and budget controllers can enter purchase order requisitions using their browser based Teacher Kiosk logon. Supervisors can also review, authorise or reject requisitions from within Teacher Kiosk. A further review process is available to administration personnel before the purchase order is finally approved and emailed (as a PDF file) to the supplier.

Alternatively purchase orders can be entered directly in to the Purchasing module bypassing the requisition system altogether.

The search engine built into the Purchasing module provides a simple-to-use tool for identifying outstanding, partial or completed purchase orders. The operator can use the search engine to refine searches by supplier code or name, delivery point, authority, print status, requisition status, purchase order date range, due date range or purchase order amount.

TASS.web features a simple retrieval and application tool for matching purchase orders to supplier invoices within the supplier invoice entry screen.

The operator just enters or looks up the original purchase order number and the invoice screen populates the supplier, general ledger distribution and line descriptions. If there is no change between purchase order and supplier invoice the only two entry requirements are invoice number and amount. 

Invoices can be entered and matched to purchase orders in seconds. Changes required to the purchase order can be completed within the supplier invoice entry screen.

Supplier invoices can be entered with no purchase order linkage. The invoice entry screen facilitates:
- Pre determined general ledger distributions (calculated as a percentage)
- Tax handling at a line item level
- Automatic tax calculation based on either inclusive or exclusive basis 
- Full supplier detail lookup

One stop access for supplier information – Operators have a single point of entry for supplier information including address, contact, GL distribution, credit status, history, ledger and purchase order information.


The combination of electronic payments and automated email remittance advices provides TASS.web schools with a totally paperless payment cycle. Cheque run and miscellaneous cheque facilities are also available for schools that have a more traditional approach to paying suppliers.