Payroll / HRM.web

TASS.web Payroll combines a logical ‘workflow’ based pay run processing design with the flexibility of a web based interface,
to provide an exceptionally easy-to-use, comprehensive school payroll.


Your school’s payroll officer can make a multitude of timesheet changes‘on-the-fly’ without interrupting the logical flow of the pay run. Changes such as:

  • adding or reducing employee hours
  • recording of annual and sick leave
  • calculating back pay (using the system calculation tool)
  • recording of allowances
  • processing a double pay
  • spreading tax across multiple pay periods
  • calculating and paying unused leave on termination (Post 1993)
  • auto calculation of annual leave loading

…can all be made without leaving the timesheet processing program. 


Repetitive timesheet changes or global increases to rate of pay can be uploaded from an Excel® spreadsheet. 

Extensive pay run reporting is available to assist with the checking and authorisation of each pay run:

  • The pay run ‘edit list’ report can be run as a detailed report or used to just highlight    changes or differences from the previous pay
  • Edit list includes exception messages that are triggered based on school defined    limits
  • Edit list includes full time equivalent (FTE) and summary bank file details report
  • Deduction summary report
  • Pay run summary report
  • MTD & YTD summary report 

TASS.web Payroll features a flexible Leave accrual system including: 

  • support for a wide range of accruals and calculation methods
  • checking of available entitlement when leave is paid
  • leave liability inquiries and reports including projections.

A ‘workflow’ based process is available to produce Payment Summaries, create the ATO file and complete the year end reset.

Payment Summaries can be produced on plain paper or distributed electronically to employees through Teacher Kiosk. There is also a convenient facility to quickly reprint an employee’s Payment Summary.


Each employee’s payroll and human resource (HR) record displays within a convenient single tabbed screen. Employee information including:

  • employment details
  • address
  • next of kin
  • school definable HR data
  • employee notes (with attachments)
  • qualifications
  • payroll details and review triggers
  • tax and bank account details
  • permanent pay details
  • payment totals and pay run history
  • superannuation history
  • leave accrual balances and history
  • PAYG Pay Summary history and reprint 

…is available from within the one program. Security is available to determine the information that each payroll user is able to access. 

The task of preparing and remitting superannuation can be simplified by using the configurable ‘clearing house’ contributions data file option. Simply map your fund’s data requirements to the TASS.web data types, to save time and effort when making your superannuation remittance - either as a data file or as a report.

A data encryption option is available to protect sensitive data. 

Pay envelopes can be printed on generic stationery or delivered electronically to teachers and ancillary staff through Teacher Kiosk

TASS.web Payroll keeps a full on-line history of all payments and accruals. Drilldown is available at the timesheet transaction detail level. Reports can be run for current and/or terminated employees.

System reports include:

  • Employee listing
  • Payment transactions
  • Accrual transactions
  • Super remittance
  • Paycode totals 
  • Leave history
  • GL distribution
  • Leave liability
  • Rate Audit