Past Students.web

If keeping past student’s address and contact information up to date is a constant problem at your school,
the new TASS Past Students Portal and Past Students.
web may be the solution.

Your schools past students can now update their own details across the Internet withTASS Past Students Portal. The changes do not directly update the database - the details are presented for school administration staff to overview before being committed to the database.

TASS Past Students Portal also allows former students to keep informed about what is happening at the school by accessing the online calendar.

Past students can also access contact information for other students in their Alumni/Alumnae years. Students who do not wish their details to be made available can be omitted. 

TASS Past Students.web module allows information to be transferred from the Student Records module to provide a comprehensive Past Student database.

The extra-curricular activities that students were involved in whilst at school can be transferred or added later for past students who were at the school before TASS was installed.

A new grid style of data maintenance provides ‘spreadsheet’ style review and editing where the checking and updating of multiple records is required. 

The new notes facility in Past Students.web allows the categorisation of notes and the attachment of electronic documents (such as Word® or PDF documents). As an example, newspaper articles featuring past students could be scanned and attached to the past student record.

A simple to use Word® or email merge facility is available to create targeted correspondence such as newsletters and invites to reunions.