Parent Lounge

Parents can now keep up to date with how their children are going at school via the Internet. School events, bulletin items, progressive and final academic assessments, timetable information, tours and excursions, sporting results, account payments and much more is available on-line.

Parents can become much more involved in their child’s learning program by gaining on-line access to the activities and tasks set by the teachers. Progressive results entered by teachers through webBook can also be made available to parents. This means that parents can identify when their students have academic issues during the term or semester, well before the final results are published.

Completed academic reports can now be delivered on-line to parents through Parent Lounge. This provides the school with significant cost savings in postage and handling as well as providing the parents with the convenience of being able to access their child’s reports over the Internet.

In conjunction with designated payment gateways, your school can set up a facility in Parent Lounge for parents to pay their school accounts on-line using a credit card.

Your school can determine the exact information and on-line facilities that will be accessible by the parents. It also allows the school to determine which parents will be granted access permission to the parent portal.

Reduce the amount of paper based correspondence by providing parents with on-line access to the Tours and Excursions that their child has been invited to attend. Parents can also accept and pay on-line.

Parent Lounge provides an entry point for parents to see all the latest sporting news and scores for the school’s sporting teams and athletes. 

Parents can update their address information through Parent Lounge. This will reduce the clerical workload for the school in keeping parent contact and address information up to date. The school database administrator still has the ability to check the changes before updating them into the database.

Parents can support local businesses within the school network by using the link to the Business Directory. Properly marketed, this can become a valuable source of income for the school.

The school has the ability to control access to sensitive address and contact details for split families. Security can be set in such a way so that split parents do not see each other’s address information. It can also determine the appropriate student details to display for split family parents.

Bulletins and calendar information is available for parents on-line. Other information such as school policies, newsletters and information sheets can also be made available. The process to publish this information at the school is very much at a user level, meaning that information can be made available quickly and without the need for web developers.