Parent Accounts.web

TASS.web Parent Accounts module allows your school to offer parents a totally paperless way to receive and pay accounts. Fee Statements are produced as PDF (Portable Document Format) files that can be automatically emailed to the parents who have indicated this as a preference. Parents can then log into the Parent Lounge portal to pay their account over a secure Internet connection.

Other electronic commerce options include:

  • BPay®
  • Direct Debit
  • Pay-by-phone
  • Stratapay®
  • Dialect®
  • Generic upload format to cater for other electronic commerce providers.

The Direct Banking system allows for the entry of parent banking arrangements including BSB and account information, frequency of payments and the amount that the school will draw. It also caters for direct banking to credit cards. After the direct banking information has been entered for each parent, TASS.web provides a suite of programs that create the appropriate files for the bank and writes the receipt records to the database.

Receipting has been designed to accommodate various receipt types and accounting methods within the one program. It caters for two methods of dealing with building fund levies, miscellaneous fees and donations, as well as providing full account receipting.

Enrolment deposits, sundry receipts, donations and parent account receipts are supported. The receipting program supports a link between receipting and the Fundraising module so that receipts may optionally be entered by the accounting staff and flagged as belonging to the fundraising area. The fundraising officer then has an option to edit the allocation of the funds to the appropriate appeals and pledges.

TASS.web Parent Accounts also features a unique Deposit Refund system. Any student who has paid a deposit and who has left the school will be included in the process. The program then allows the operator to distribute the amount against outstanding fees and/or to a general ledger distribution and/or to create a refund cheque.

The Overdue Arrangements facility caters for the recording of agreed ‘arrangements’ for overdue parent accounts. It has a search engine that allows the rapid identification of all ‘arrangements’ due within a user specified period.

The Billing Cycle function includes a powerful split-family billing facility where percentage, dollar or fee-type based dissections can be handled. Other billing options include individual, file upload or bulk (by subject, extra-curricular activity or student group).