Medical Records.web

The TASS.web module extends well beyond merely being a database for student medical records.
The sick bay tracking program turns this module into an interactive illness logging and tracking system.


School medical staff can now log students in and out of sick bay, retrieve critical student medical information or analyse condition or sickness trends from the one web page.

The medical record for each student in TASS.web includes: Emergency Contact Information, School Definable Medical Data, Medical Conditions, Immunisation Details, Practitioner Information, Illness History, Supplementary Information, Asthma Management Information, Notes (with attachments), Confidential Notes with attachments.

Attach scanned copies of medical certificates or medical files to student records usingTASS.doc. This facility provides your school with a secure means of keeping these records and a simple means of retrieving them when they are most needed.

The Medical Alert system warns your medical staff of student specific conditions or illnesses when accessing records or logging the student into sick bay.

TASS.web generates a comprehensive medical form to send home to parents for their review and updating. Produced using Adobe PDF format these forms can also be emailed.

Analyse illness trends at your school using the medical module search engine. This tool quickly provides data of illness records within specified periods, across year groups or other sections of the school. The search engine can also determine treatments that have been prescribed to assist with stock control planning. 

Store ancillary medical information that provides a complete picture of the student’s health, such as testing of hearing, sight, fine motor skills and orthodontics examination results.