General Ledger.web

Featuring a school-definable chart of accounts and reporting code structure, flexible segmentation for school sectional analysis and advanced reporting options, the TASS.web General Ledger provides a web based tool for the appropriate dissemination of financial information to teachers, management and the School Board.

The new browser based financial reports provide flexibility in output design that only used to be available using a spreadsheet. As an example the income statement can be produced in detail, consolidated or separated into operating and non-operating areas at runtime.

Output can be directed to Adobe PDF®, Microsoft Excel® or Word®.
Hyperlinks enable simple drilldown to account and transaction information from within the body of the report.

The income statement can be run for single school sections (eg: primary) or for a consolidation of sections (eg: middle and senior science departments). Graphing options are also available at run-time.

Preparing your BAS return has never been easier. This new TASS.web sub-module will allow you to assign your various system tax codes to the Australian Tax Office’s BAS codes.

The system will then allow you to produce a single BAS preparation report collating all tax transactions from accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash book and general ledger adjustments. The final step in your monthly or quarterly BAS process is to export your finalised BAS to the ATO’s ECI client for electronic transmission.

The ability to enter and maintain actuals versus budgets is nothing new in a General Ledger. However, the ability to assign budgets to administrators and teachers and then allow them to monitor and make purchase order requisitions against their budgets using web based products such as TASS Teacher Kiosk is the natural extension of the budget process.

These definable codes can be used to analyse costs against special projects, or to establish profitability in a trading area, or to separate trading and non trading income and expense areas, or to group accounts into key financial data areas, or to group accounts for the DETYA Financial Questionnaire.

TASS.web Cash Book can significantly reduce the time and effort required for bank reconciliations. ‘On-the-fly’ adjustments can be made during the reconciliation process without leaving the program.

Cash Book functionality also includes a bank reconciliation report and a simple-to-use bank transfers program.

Data Grids provide ‘spreadsheet style’ display and editing of GL account setups. This makes the setup and maintenance of reporting codes, tax codes, account types and grouping codes for multiple accounts very easy.

Multiple reporting codes can be setup on each GL account providing your school with the database structure to analyse financial data the way that you require.