Fixed Assets.web

TASS.web Fixed Assets module provides a tool to record asset information and create financial transactions that are fully integrated to the General Ledger.

The comprehensive asset master record features physical description, school definable data fields, insurance and leasing details, status information, ledger details and notes.

Photographs and other digital records such as maintenance histories pertaining to assets can be attached to master records using TASS.doc on asset notes. 

Transactional processing within this module automatically produces General Ledger journals for asset transactions: 

  • Depreciation
  • Additions
  • Adjustments
  • Revaluations
  • Sales
  • Retirements
  • Transfers 

Multiple asset master records can be updated quickly using a data grid. This is a ‘spreadsheet’ style of update program that allows the rapid maintenance of asset master record information. 

Depreciation code and remaining life adjustment transactions are also supported.

The Depreciation Calculation program also integrates to the General Ledger producing the depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation journal.

Depreciation methods supported are:

SLL Straight Line method over life of asset
SL% Straight Line method using a percent
DVL Diminishing Value method over life of asset
DV% Diminishing Value method using a percent

Summarised and detailed asset reports are available. Asset transactional reports including the complete asset financial transaction history are available for active and disposed assets.

All reports can be generated to Adobe PDF®, Microsoft Excel® or Word®.