Extra Curricular.web

The non-academic profiling of a student is well catered for by the TASS.web Extra Curricular module.

The database structure provides the flexibility to allow the recording of different achievements based on the activity type. For a student participating in football you may record ‘team’, ‘position’ and ‘pocket’ or ‘colours’. However, for a student participating in Duke of Edinburgh you may record ‘award level’, ‘service’, ‘adventurous journey’ and ‘physical recreation’. 

Comments can also be recorded to indicate a more detailed description of the student’s performance in an activity.

The TASS browser based modules such as Teacher KioskParent Lounge and Student Café access the data held in this module. When combined with information from the Student RecordsStudent Reports and Attendance modules, key users are provided holistic student profile.

Extra Curricular information can be included with the school reporting system either in the form of a separate achievement and participation statement or combined with the student academic reports.

Teams or activity lists can be entered into the database directly by teachers using Teacher Kiosk. This option includes a student picker to help teachers ‘fast track’ the creation of teams or activities based on individual students, pastoral care or tutor groups, year levels, house, subject or previous activity.