Manage your school’s future enrolments using the new TASS.web Enrolments Worksheet. This innovative web page will allow your enrolments officer to review future enrolments within the school definable enrolment stages and then make changes or adjustments - without leaving the program.

It also provides a detailed analysis of future years’ enrolment numbers by combining ‘continuing’ student numbers with confirmed new enrolments. This becomes an invaluable tool for the Business Manager in comparing actual against budgeted student numbers.

Enter extensive student data at any stage during the enrolment process.TASS.web Enrolments module now gives you the choice of entering student data such as Medical Information, MCEETYA Information, User Definable Information, Standard and Confidential notes during the enrolment process.

Every time your enrolments officer logs into the system an up-to-date graphical presentation of key enrolments data is displayed on screen.

Use a ‘spreadsheet' style for entry and editing of multiple enrolment records using data grids. 

Use email or Word® Mail Merge to communicate with prospective parents during the enrolment process. The Enrolments Worksheet provides a simple and convenient way to contact prospective parents using a Word merge file or via email.