Commercial Debtors.web

If your school is active in the hiring of facilities or providing services to non-parent customers, the Commercial Debtors module provides a convenient tool to manage customer transactions from invoice entry, to statement production, account ageing, overdue analysis and payment processing. 

Invoices and statements can be produced as PDF® documents and emailed to customers directly, saving the school time and money in administering commercial debtors.

Facilities available within the module include:

  • Invoice/credit entry program 
  • Invoice/credit print program (with option to email documents directly to customers) 
  • Receipting function with associated bank deposit report 
  • Upload program for credit and invoice transactions 
  • Trial balance and GST reports 
  • Customer statement production (with option to email statements directly to customers).

A Commercial Debtors invoice upload program is available to load data in a prescribed CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.  This can save a lot of time in re-keying recurring invoices that would otherwise need to be manually entered on a regular basis.

Commercial debtors can be linked to the TASS. web school shop module. 

This means that a commercial debtor can then become a customer in a school shop. Sales of stock items made to the customer will pass through to the commercial debtor’s account and appear on the customer’s statement.

The Commercial Debtors module is integrated to the TASS. web General Ledger module to produce journals and to update the cash book.

No re-keying of data is required to create the accounting transactions in the main school ledger.

A separate GST collected on revenue report is available.  The module also can be mapped to the BAS preparation tool in the TASS. web General Ledger.

A single access point provides extensive customer information including:

  • Address details 
  • Contact details 
  • Account Information 
  • Unpaid invoices 
  • Transactional history 
  • Ledger details
  • Notes.