Book Hire.web

TASS. web book hire module provides a tool to facilitate the tracking of loan/hire books to students and teachers.

Book Hire Functionality extends to:

  • Issuing and returning of books
  • Inquiry and reporting on books on loan and student/teacher borrowings
  • Calculation of hire charges
  • Calculation of lost book charges
  • Production of borrower statements for students/teachers
  • Production of reminder letters or emails

Book Hire is email ‘enabled’ to allow the paperless distribution of borrower statements and reminders to teachers and students. 

An alternative to issuing books as individual copies is to run the module in a mode that handles book ‘bundles’. A ‘bundle’ can be a subject or year level designated group of books. Eg: Year 11 text book packs.


Student charges arising from book hire or lost books can be optionally transferred to the Parent Accounts module for inclusion on the parents’ fee statements.

A school definable follow-up letter can also be generated for students and teachers who have overdue loans.


Bar code processing can be incorporated to allow the rapid issuing and return of books to students or teachers.

An on-screen inquiry will enable your book loan/hire manager to quickly identify the books that an individual student has on loan. This is particularly valuable when a student is about to leave the school.

Alternatively a book title can be entered into the search screen and an immediate inquiry will display all of the students who have that particular title out on loan.