Does your school have problems in quickly and accurately identifying the boarders who:

  • have applied for leave?
  • are currently out on leave? 
  • were out on leave at a certain date and time?

The leave tracking component on the TASS.web Boarders module could be the answer.

The simple-to-use leave processing program caters for:

  • Leave applications (Pending - entered but not yet approved)
  • Leave approval (Ready to go - approved but not yet checked-out)
  • Check-out
  • Check-in
  • Bulk leave transactions.

An on-screen inquiry makes it simple for the boarding manager to rapidly identify the students who are at any of the stages of the leave process.

A full transactional history of all leave records is maintained by the system. This gives the boarding manager the ability to check past leave records for students or for a particular leave type or venue. 

Designated hosts can be allocated against the boarders’ database records. 

Host information can also be recorded against leave records.


Leave types that a boarder’s parents have indicated as being suitable can be recorded against the boarder’s database record. 

Safeguards can then be applied through the leave entry program to prevent or warn the boarding manager when processing an application for a leave type that is not approved by the boarder’s parents.


The system produces an accurate meal number report for the boarding house. This takes into account the boarders who will be on approved leave during meal times.

This module includes an extension to the student database to allow the school to record boarder specific information. This includes school definable fields, standard and confidential notes.


Boarder specific grid style of data maintenance provides ‘spreadsheet’ style review and editing facilities to assist with the checking and updating of multiple boarder records.