TASS.web will provide an attendance solution for your school based on the latest yet affordable technology.

Teachers can enter absentee records in the classroom using their Internet browser and TASS Teacher Kiosk. Administrators can check and edit daily absences using TASS.web before sending notification to parents’ mobile phones via an SMS Gateway. Parents can track their student’s attendance records over the Internet using TASS Parent Lounge.

This provides an end-to-end attendance solution without having to purchase expensive single-purpose hardware and without having to pay for expensive third party software products.

User-defined absentee reasons may be flagged as acceptable or unacceptable. Parents can be notified when their students are away for unacceptable reasons and no notification has been received from the school.

The Daily Inquiry program provides teachers and administrators instant access to a web page showing all of the absent students for the current day.

Bulk absentee entries are supported. This enables simple tracking of absentees for acceptable reasons such as school excursions and camps.

Attendance.web provides powerful analysis tools both report and graphically based. Analysis is available by school sections, by absentee type and with user exception parameter input. Eg; All year 11 students who were late for school more than twice last term.

School defined rollcall periods include daily, AM or PM or by subject class.