Academic Reporting.web

Move to the next generation of web based student academic reporting

 TASS. web Academic Reporting module will allow your school to harness the technologies that a web based solution
offers to produce and distribute academic reports to students and parents.

CSS Cascading Style-sheet based

Modify the design of your school’s academic reports without having to pay for expensive custom developed formats:

  • Include your own report explanation guide for parents
  • Include your school logo and student photographs
  • Choose between textual or graphical presentation of results
  • Include subject outlines to provide parents with details of the material studied in each subject during the reporting period
  • Change fonts and character sizes
  • Include a distribution summary of results across the year group
  • Determine positioning of text, logo and student details on cover page
  • Determine header and footer information
  • Include scanned signatures
  • Create and save different report configurations for different sections of the school
  • Include Principal or PC/Tutor Group teacher comment
  • Include non-academic information on student reports such as extra curricular activities and attendance information.

Deliver reports to parents via email or through the school’s website. 

TASS. web Academic Reporting module is built around a flexible reporting structure that caters for outcomes based or traditional style assessment.

  • School definable outcomes or objectives
  • School definable outcomes or objectives groups
  • School definable assessment results
  • Result related comments

Teachers use TASS webBook to enter student result and comments. 

Comments can be:

  • Selected from the teacher maintained comment bank
  • Selected from the school maintained comment bank.
  • Free-form text.

Tools are available in webBook and the Academic Reporting module to make the task of checking and proofing student reports:

  • Checks for missing data
  • On-screen editing of final reports (through webBook)
  • Spell checking
  • Global search and replace of inappropriate words or phrases.