Parents can become much more involved in their child’s school life and academic learning program using Parent Lounge. 

Parent Lounge provides schools with a platform to engage the parent community through information and ways to interact with the school


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 Assessment & Homework

Parents can become more involved in their child’s learning program by gaining on-line access to the assessment and homework tasks set by teachers.

 Academic Reports

Academic reports can now be delivered on-line providing the school with significant time and cost savings in postage and handling, as well as providing parents with the convenience of being able to access their child’s reports over the Internet.

 Online Accounts & Payment

Parent Statements can now be delivered on-line!

Using a payment gateway, your school can also set up a facility for parents to pay their school accounts on-line using a credit card. 


 Update Medical Details

A student's medical profile can be reviewed, updated and added to online in Parent Lounge. Changes submitted by parents are reviewed and processed by the school's medical staff before the student's medical record is updated.

 Update Address Details

Parents can review and update their address information online, reducing the clerical workload for the school in keeping parent contact and address information up to date. 

 Tours and Excursions

No more paper based permission slips! 

Parents can get information on, approve and pay for the tours and excursions that their child has been invited to attend.


 Calendars and Student eDiaires

Dynamic electronic diaries can help parents organise students' busy schedules and school/life balance with feeds for assessment, homework, sports, excursions, timetables and school based events.

 Book Parent Teacher Interviews

Streamline the parent teacher interview process between administration, teachers and parents.

Parents can book the teachers that they want to meet with at the times (available) that suit them. 

 Acknowledge Attendance

Reduce unexplained absences and allow parents to acknowledge absences and provide a reason and comment online. 


 Publish School Documents

Publish newsletters, links, school policy and other important documents to your parents quickly and without the help of 'white coats' using School Links.

 Split Family Access

The school has the ability to control access to sensitive address and contact details for split families. Security can be set in such a way so that split parents do not see each other’s address information. It can also determine the appropriate student details to display for split family parents.

 School Branding

Customise the appearance of Parent Lounge to align with your school's corporate image.

Publish photos and images to promote student achievements, activities and events that are happening at your school.


 Business Directory

Support local businesses within the school network by using the Business Directory. Properly marketed, this can become a valuable source of income for the school.

 Sports Fixtures

Update parents on upcoming sporting events, the latest sporting news and scores at your school.

 Parent Directory

Allow parents to opt in and share their contact details with other parents in your school's community using the self managed Parent Directory.