connect your school

TASS.web is the all in one school management and portal solution that will support
all the important people that make up your school's community

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connect your school

Getting multiple disparate systems to talk to each other can be difficult and costly. TASS provides a single platform for Financial, Student and Payroll Administration with portal solutions for teachers, students, parents & learning management. Stop double handling data & give your IT department a break with TASS


communicate with confidence

Communication Rules provides a student centric way of defining how different areas of your school communicates with parents. Simply set the rules and let TASS give you the confidence that you’re communicating with the right people.


anywhere, anytime

By utilising a 100% web-based solution, your data is available whenever and wherever you need it. With TASS you can run your school on-site or on-the-go. 


run smarter

Everybody wants to save time and work more efficiently without sacrificing work quality. By having an ‘all in one’ solution, TASS delivers workflows that can take your school’s productivity to the next level. 


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TASS.web for Administrators

TASS.web provides an integrated solution for your school's Student Administration, Financial and Payroll needs.

Stop the chinese whispers between disparate systems and allow your data to flow freely with TASS.web.


Teacher Kiosk for Teachers

Teacher Kiosk provides teachers with the most up to date student and school wide information, tools to complete essential daily tasks and  an integrated learning management and continuous reporting platform.

Use your data better, empower the teachers at your school with Teacher Kiosk.

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Parent Lounge for Parents

Parents can become much more involved in their child’s school life and academic learning program using Parent Lounge.

Parent Lounge provides schools with a platform to engage the parent community through information and ways to interact with the school.

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Student Cafe for Students

Connect your students with what's going on at school. 

Student Cafe provides students with a platform to help manage their school lives by providing access to assessment, dynamic eDiaries and up to date personal and school information.